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Pastor Kevin


As pastor of Cornerstone Bible Church, I wish to share with you a few things I strongly believe, what they mean to me, and why it should matter to you. The Bible teaches that God made the world and everything in it, but He's not an impersonal God, far removed from that which He created. To the contrary, He gives life and breath to everything. He involves Himself in the lives of every human. He satisfies every need there is. From one man, God created all the nations throughout the world. He determined where people would live and when in history they would make their mark. He has a purpose in all of this as well--"that individuals from all nations should seek after God, feel their way toward Him, and FIND HIM." Acts 17:24-27

The place in which you find yourself may not seem like the most ideal place to find God--but it is. In 1996 I found myself divorced from my wife, estranged from my kids, practicing all kinds of sinful activities that I knew were wrong and feeling the pain of a life that had all but unraveled. Life was empty.

Would I continue down that road that led to such emptiness? Should I go ahead and remarry, believing that this new relationship would offer what was missing? Should I leave it all behind and further run from my responsibilities? What effects would my sinful choices have on two beautiful kids who were totally undeserving of the consequences of my sin? What about the wonderful woman I had pledged my life and love to . . . did she deserve this treatment?

In one moment all those questions ran through my mind and at the same time the living God reminded me that I would have to stand before Him. I was reminded of a king that lived centuries ago named Saul. He was Israel's first king, and God's Spirit had been placed in him and King Saul had experienced great success. But Saul forgot God and started doing things his own way.

Our world tells us there is no right or wrong, that right and wrong are relative . . . what's right for you may not be right for me. Saul bought into that logic. I bought into that logic. But it's not God's logic. In fact, because of Saul's choices, God withdrew His Spirit from Saul and the Bible says God sent an evil spirit to torment Saul. Eventually Saul fell on his own sword in battle and stood before his Creator in judgement because Saul did not live according to God's ways.

When God reminded me of Saul, I knew that I was headed in the same direction. But God had another purpose for my life.

That night I called my wife (ex-wife at the time) and said, "Annette, I want to get right with God; will you help me?" I repented of my sin to her and to God and I experienced the best feeling in the world--being clean before God. That night was April 22, 1996. On April 27th Annette and I were remarried. A few weeks later, God moved us to Lake Stevens, Washington, where we spent 3 years preparing for ministry. In 1999 we moved to Santa Rosa, NM, where we pastored a small community for almost 10 years.

God took a broken, selfish man with a broken and hurting family . . . He put the pieces back together and healed the hurts. Additionally, we continue to provide foster care to as many children as the Lord should see fit. He has built our family by adding seven adopted kids. Today, we are what we are by the grace of God.